Owl Wildlife Footage Demo

A sampling of owl footage collected in South Dakota and elsewhere.  Individual clips can be found at HDNatureFootage.net, as can additional HD and 4k footage (contact us if you need help). 

The video includes multiple shots of burrowing and great-horned owls as lesser amounts of the long-eared owl, short-eared owl, barn owl, and non-American species such as the Eurasian eagle-owl, jungle owlet,  and collared scops owl.  Includes footage of owls eating, feeding their young chicks, nesting, being harassed by crows and songbirds, looking at the camera, and calling or hooting.  Includes nocturnal night-time shots as well as day shots.  Also includes funny shots of owls turning their head upside down or head bobbing.  And includes footage from forests, grasslands, deserts, and other habitats and in all seasons including winter.