Yellowstone National Park Winter Nature Footage

A sampling of footage collected in Yellowstone National Park in winter.  This footage was collected in both HD and 4K.  Individual clips can be found at (contact us if you need help), as well as footage from spring, summer, and fall.

Yellowstone National Park is world famous for its natural splendor and wildlife; however, its also famous for the crowds that descend on it every summer.  Yet winter is a different story.  Although the only open road is the one from Gardiner to Cooke City, there are often very few cars on it and at times you will feel like you have the whole park to itself.  The exception is if a wolf is present as that often brings a small crowd of people.  But that’s a small price to see for the opportunity to see a wolf in the wild.  Other species regularly observed in winter include the coyote, the bison, elk, and a handful of bird species.  The open water in the park attracts dippers and waterfowl, and along with that a few predators such as eagles.  In spite of the cold, and the limited travel opportunities, the solitude and charismatic wildlife more than make up for it.