Alaska Tundra Nature Footage

A sampling of footage collected in the Alaska tundra near Nome, in both HD and 4k.  Individual clips, and more video footage, can be found at (contact us if you need help).

The Alaska tundra is a majestic landscape and one of the least developed ecosystems in North America (not that it isn’t suffering impacts due to humans, e.g., climate change).  Vast herds of caribou and smaller herds of musk ox still roam the region, along with the occasional moose, bear, wolf, fox, beaver, and other species.  Many of the bird species are only summer residents such as sandhill cranes; however, species such as the hardy ptarmigan are year-round residents.  Winter is harsh as is summer at times due to the hordes of mosquitos and other biting insects.  However, spring and fall are exceptional, especially the latter when the tundra plants turn beautiful colors and the animals are full of live in preparation for the coming winter.