Amazon Jungle Nature Footage

A sampling of footage collected primarily over a 2-week period in the Amazon region of Ecuador, specifically, Cuyabeno Reserve.  This footage was collected in both HD and 4K.  Individual clips can be found at (contact us if you need help).

To get to the camp I had to take a 2 hour bus ride over the Andes from Quito and then a 1 hour boat ride up a river into the Amazon.  Shooting was difficult because it often occured from a boat or if in land was shooting upwards toward the treetops.  In spite of that the Amazon was still amazing.  Species filmed include several species of monkey including tiny marmosets, sloth, various species of frogs and snakes, butterflies, leaf-cutter and army ants, and other insects, various species of birds including quetzals, trogons, and toucans.  Includes drone aerial shots of the vast Amazona rainforest canopy.