Beaver 4K Wildlife Footage

A sampling of beaver footage collected in 4K, primarily from a Z Cam E2, Canon XA40, DJI Mavic and other cameras.  Individual clips can be found at as can a large assortment of HD footage (contact us if you need help). 

The American beaver has made a remarkable compact as it was once almost eliminated from the Lower 48 United States due to furtrapping.  But regulations and a reduced desire for fur have allowed it to repopulate much of its historic range.  Their dams, lodges, and tree cuttings can be seen by many wetlands and water sources although the animal is much less noticeable as they are most active in mornings, evenings, and at night.  Beaver are considered a keystone species or ecosystem engineer because their activites, primarily the building of dams to impound water, and cutting of trees that opens the forest canopy, benefit many other species (although to the detrminent of some others).