Bobcat Wildlife Footage

A sampling of bobcat footage collected primarily in South Dakota and Arizona, including footage in HD and 4k.  Individual clips can be found at (contact us if you need help). 

The American bobcat is found throughout much of North America except for the more northern regions which are occupied by the similar Canada lynx.  The bobcat is an adaptable predator and hence is found wherever adaquate prey exists, including in the Great Plains, forests, swampland, deserts, and in the mountains.  It is also well adapted for harsh winters (although not so much as the lynx).  In the Great Plains an important food source can be black-tailed prairie dogs, especially in the winter months when other prey such as songbirds have flown south.  The bobcat hunts in a variety of ways including by stealth and by waiting in ambush.  Other important food items include mice and rats, birds, and rabbits.