Jaguar Wildlife Footage

A sampling of jaguar footage collected primarily in the Brazil Pantanal.  Individual clips can be found at, as can more HD and 4k footage (contact us if you need help).

The Brazil Pantanal is a vast seasonally flooded wetland complex in Brazil.  Although less famous than the Amazon it is in many ways better for wildlife watching in part because of the network of rivers.  And it is undoubtedly the best place to see the elusive jaguar in the wild.  The cats have become used to the boats full of tourists and cameras and pay them little notice.  The cats are easily seen because they hunt along the rivers for capybara, caimen, and other prey.  The video includes footage of a male and female jaguar pair having sex, two juvenile male jaguars resting on shore, and an old male jaguar walking on sandbars and swimming.