Bison 4K Wildlife Footage

A sampling of bison footage collected in 4K, primarily from a Z Cam E2, Canon XA40, DJI Mavic and other cameras.  Individual clips can be found at along with a large collection of HD footage (contact us if you need help). 

The American bison, also known as the buffalo, is the iconic species of the North America Great Plains.  It is so important to America’s history and culture that it is found on coins and is the symbol of the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Regretably, the species was almost exterminated in the wild and today is only found in a fraction of its historic habitat.  Most notably, it is found in national parks such as Badlands and Wind Cave National Parks in South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  Bison are photogenic species whether its the majestic bulls fighting for dominance, the cute reddish calves frolicking in the prairie, or the perserverance of an old bison trying to survive another winter.