Swift Fox Wildlife Footage

A sampling of swift fox footage collected primarily South Dakota and Wyoming.  Individual clips can be found at HDNatureFootage.net (contact us if you need help), both in HD and 4k.

The swift fox is the native fox to the North America Great Plains, although in the past hundred years or so the swift fox range has declined greatly whereas the red fox has increased in abundance and distribution in the region, probably as the result of human changes on the landscape.  One of the night-time shots was taken in the Big Bend region of Texas; some taxonomists consider this to be the kit fox although whether a separate species or subspecies is a matter of scientific debate.  The video includes both day time activity as well as night-time footage.  The swift fox is typically more active at night although they do move about in day time, especially the crepescular periods.  The video also includes footage of swift fox pups playing at the den; a not uncommon behavior where the animal is found.